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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wild and woolly winter wonderland....

Storm force winds, ocean swells of 9 - 12m, snow down to 200m, roads closed with snow and ice, flooded rivers and high tides and still we garden!! No snow at my place but at Sandra's (who is spending her first winter in Tasmania, from Brisbane!!) it looked like this......

 imageThis is Sandra's house last week...  imageand the terraced veg garden
...the seedling raising table
....all the seedlings survived!!

Then, Sunday afternoon was SeedSaveUs at Erika's and it snowed there too but the big flakes did not settle..... mostly they were blowing horizontally as we surveyed her garden!

These must be the coldest water chestnuts in the world!
But inside the straw bale house it's deliciously warm...

...and another fabulous spread.
Then we got down to the serious business of talking about tomatoes.
We swapped seeds.... hard to believe its almost time to sow tomatoes when its snowing... and produce and seedlings and information but I forgot to take any photos. What a dill I am!!!

Tomorrow is community garden day again and, can you believe it, its STILL raining and windy and freezing.... a week solid of rain!!! Surely they won't make me swim through the garden, which is now almost completely under water?!


africanaussie said...

I cannot believe that those seedlings are still surviving with a layer of snow over them! Gosh it looks cold there. I would be huddled next to the fire all the time.

Maggie said...

Another great post Kate.
What an amazing group of gardeners you have met there in Cygnet.
Erica's house looks amazing.
Stay warm

Maggie said...

Hi Gillian.
What's the weather like up north?

africanaussie said...

Well, we think we are having quite cold weather! some nights it has gone down as low as 17*C brrrr ;) This is the best time of the year here - clear sunny skies, low humidity, and often just a gentle breeze. Oh, this could go on forever as far as I am concerned. PS the amaranth seeds you sent me way back are still at home in my garden, self seeding, and very tasty in my salads.

Heiko said...

I'll never get over this southern hemisphere thing. We're sweltering in temperatures in the mid to upper thirties and don't manage any productive work due to the unbearable heat which seems to have gone on for months and you've got snow and gale force winds!