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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boys, barrows and a bush dance...

I recently met Teresa at the St James Kitchen Garden launch. She has been helping as a volunteer to get the garden going and has written a brilliantly entertaining piece about using boys' energy in a non-Nintendo way, on her blog called In A Life.


Come along this weekend....

Join us to celebrate mid-winter this Saturday night (23rd July) with a Big Green Bush Dance at the Ranelagh Soldiers Memorial Hall (a great venue for a bush dance).

Kick up your heels to tunes from the Steptoe Bush Band, Hemlock and Home Brew. The Steptoe Bush Band will be calling the dance, and the always amusing Naomi Edwards will be our MC for the night.

The night starts at 6.30pm, and entrance is $10 for adults, kids free. There will be soup, cakes and a licensed bar. 

Proceeds from the night go towards the local government election campaign for Liz Smith and Rosalie Woodruff, your two local Greens councillors who are standing again in the forthcoming council elections. Let us know if you can bring a plate of something sweet (cake, biscuits, slice) to contribute to the food.

The Ranelagh Soldiers Memorial Hall is opposite the Ranelagh shop.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

That sounds fun.
When I was a child our church held bush dances, I loved meeting with all the families. Then there would be all the delicious home made cakes for supper. No alcahol just tea and homemade fruit punch.
They were held in a little community hall surrounded by bushland.
This was before television so they also held film nights and theatrical play nights.
Once Mum dressed me as a nail to stand on stage, goodness knows why I was a nail!
Then I was the page boy in some other play and just stood there!
Finaly I had the lead roll as a harlequin in a play, where I danced and sang andd spoke!
I remember I was 9 years old.
What lovely memories the children will have.