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Monday, July 11, 2011

Radio quotes today on 936 Tasmania.....

"We are the only species that works all our lives in order to buy food that will kill us...."


"People say they don't want to spend time grubbing away in the soil to grow their food cheaply but are happy to work all their lives in order to afford organic food and special hand-made things that other people have made, and pay top price for them!...."

"That's what makes us special!"

Life is good...even if it is a bit strange....


Kirsty said...

It is amazing we are the only species that doesn't know how to feed itself, don't see any wild critters giving themselves heart disease or diabetes. Mind you our domesticated animals don't fare so well - like to share our overconsumption around.

Olive said...

It was only the other day that I was thinking about buying my man a jumper...when I was a youngster, there wasn't this great array of knit wear in the shops, instead there was knitting yarns, needles and patterns, people actually knitted their own garments. I remember that I once knitted myself a dress. Trying to find a knitting pattern book now that has a sensible every day type of sweater in it is impossible.
Thank goodness we are still able to grow most of our own food.
Great comment Kirsty