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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Daniel


How lovely it was to see Daniel grow in confidence and maturity during the last couple of years I was in Adelaide.

I first met him, with my friend Maggie, at the Urrbrae Agricultural High School Saturday markets, where his enthusiasm for his stall was so endearing and his knowledge amazing.


With his mum, he soon joined Maggie and I in our Hills and Plains Seedsavers group and young Daniel could be seen mixing with families, newcomers and the rest of us old farts, with not a care for the age differences.

Now he is a TV star appearing frequently on Gardening Australia with Sophie Thompson. I think this is the best episode yet....Daniel is relaxed and happily chatting about what he is doing in his winter garden in Adelaide. You will see this on Gardening Australia tonight or here, now.....


Maggie said...

It is always a delight to spend time with Daniel and his family.
He is as enthusiastic and passionate about gardening as Peter Cundall is.
Daniel has absorbed an amazing amount of knowledge from all his organic gardening contacts.
We all love Daniel. Kate he always asks how you are and do I know what you were growing.

Bruise Mouse said...

What an amazing young man. I wish I knew half as much as he knows. I just watched the piece and was blown away by his enthusiasm.

farmer_liz said...

I saw him on Gardening Australia this time, and a previous episode. I am amazed by his gardening skill and his knowledge of plants. I hope all vege gardeners take advantage of this wonderful resource and ask him lots of questions! I know I would!