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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recently in my garden kitchen

We talk about our kitchen gardens, where we grow food, so I thought I'd call my kitchen a garden kitchen, where I cook food from my garden.

image My sourdough bread is so forgiving... the only really important thing is taking good care of the starter....
Not from my garden... oh well.

Cherry clafoutis.... my bottled cherries plus garden-laid eggs!
image Finely sliced red cabbage, fennel, sorrel, carrot, oil, herbs,lemon juice, my tamari seed mix....

oh lalala!
image Brussels sprouts, kale and chicory from garden to plate in 10 minutes... just look at the colour!
Cook veg then toss in a pan with cooked potato, garlic, grated lemon peel, shredded, cooked chicken, toasted fresh
image breadcrumbs, herbs (I used sage and winter savory), a light dressing of olive oil and verjuice/lemon juice.

Bon appetit!
Baked pasta.... cook pasta, layer with anything... eg my bottled tomatoes, basil pesto I freeze in ice cube trays, roasted pumpkin pieces, herbs, then all topped with a mixture of yoghurt, eggs, a little parmesan then grated nutmeg. Bake until settish. image


africanaussie said...

Oh my gosh they all look very scrumptious.

Susan Moore said...

That clafoutis looks delicious... you've inspired me to make one.