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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Complications of the simple life

Whoever called living like I do, simple, was mad.... it is very complicated to pull all the strings of this life together. Successfully living the "simple" life is a very misunderstood and under-appreciated skill. I am not being arrogant or professing to have mastered the skill; I am very much still learning, but every day brings its challenges, rewards and complications.

Just take a look at what is on my kitchen table tonight....

  • sourdough bread rising.... timed to carefully fit in with tomorrow's schedule
  • sourdough starter which I have just fed
  • mung beans soaking in preparation for making patties tomorrow
  • dried mushrooms soaking because I have run out of them in my compost bags and need some for pizzas I am making tomorrow night
  • a new breakfast is on trial so in my crockpot I have 1/2 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup barley, 1/2 cup hulled millet, some dates, lemon juice, dried cranberries and vanilla stewing away overnight
  • 2 little tubes of silver beet seedlings from Sandra, which need attention
  • the last of my Lady in the Snow apples to dry
  • a bag of dried lemon verbena leaves a friend gave me and I MUST find a home for
  • a bowl of oca, cape gooseberries and a large Jerusalem artichoke all of which need planting NOW
  • persimons from Alicia that I was meant to collect last week
  • on the stove is beef stock, made from bones given to me yesterday

and in the fridge

  • milk from Sophie the Jersey cow which causes endless complications with Frances who shares it with me.... I forget to leave her full bottles out for her to pick up if I am going out.... then what happens when one of us goes away.... and can we ever remember who has paid for what??
  • more sourdough starter that must be fed up and put into jars in time for market days
  • the last jar of last year's green tomato chutney that I made far too much of
  • jams from various people
  • stewed quinces (from the community garden) that I really must eat tomorrow
  • and.... Gavin's cheese!

and so it goes on...never mind the freezer....and there is only me in this house!! This is all without mentioning what is going on in the acre of garden and chook yard... or dealing with firewood.... Nor does it take into account neighbours and friends who drop by with / for other goods....

Then there are the things I refuse to use /buy/ eat / throw away.... oh lalala, sometimes I wish I didn't care so much.

Life is good, and complicated; especially the simple life.


LFL said...

so - you have eaten all the chocolate!!

Kate said...

I think there's a tiny piece od chocolate left! But the Tim Tams seem to have been eaten.... maybe it was a mouse!

Maggie said...

That is all so true Kate.
It takes me ages to shop and buy organic produce as there is no shopping centre where I can get all the organic things I buy like olive oil, laundry products, meats, eggs, organic potatoes etc.
Then I have a list in my head all the time of what needs to be picked or planted in the garden.
What needs processing or freezing. What needs to be sown and what needs to be planted out.
Then there is the other lists like get a bone for the dog, wash her and the car, buy new ugg boots, mow the lawn, weed the garden, check what needs pruning, look after all the oldies and spend precious time with the grandchildren.
All these lists and their are two of us!
But I love it all, I love the delicious food and the fresh herbs
And the veggies!
And I love sharing real food with others.
Have a great day!
PS olives are good on pizza!

Dave said...

Hi Kate

Do you know where I can source a Jerusalem artichoke to plant in my vegie patch???


Kate said...

Dave you should be able to get some at the Oyster Cove shop or Meredith's. But maybe you are not the Dave who lives here in Cygnet?? In which case, you should try a good green grocer or nursery.

farmer_liz said...

absolutely agree! Living simply is complicated and that's why so many people can't be bothered, but its worth it to know you can look after your own needs without relying on the supermarket (something that we enjoyed during the summer floods in QLD, we would have survived for weeks with all the food at our place!) AND its so much more healthy. I just wish I could stay home and potter around instead of going to work, I would get so much more done and probably wouldn't need to work, a tricky transition though!