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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vegetable Vagabond on TV

Do you remember Tino Carnevale and the Gardening Australia team came and filmed at my place back in October?

Well the screening is going to be this coming Sat. May 4th, 6.30pm, ABC1.

I am sooooo nervous! I wonder what they will have made of all those hours of footage they took. Will they make me look like a pathetic old woman who’s crazy about seeds or worse….. only show the fluffy, light bits and not the nitty gritty discussion we had about the demise of the earth’s biodiversity and hence humanity, if we don’t save seeds?

They arrived with a full load of film gear!











It was pretty hard work and there were lots of instructions but soon I forgot I was wired for sound because Tino and I had so much in common…… I bet they don’t show all the food I fed them in my kitchen!










I wonder if they will show some footage from on top of my hill, where you can see the whole of Cygnet….


One thing is for sure, my herb and vegetable gardens looked fantastic, thanks to all my great friends who rallied around, the weekend before, and tidied it all up for me… I wonder how I can get them to come back and do that again soon!!?




Pattie Baker said...

How do I see it?!!! Will they send a copy that I can write about?!

africanaussie said...

I saw the preview! I was so excited and said "my friend is coming on GA next week". "Oh" my hubby said - "where do you know her from?" she is my blogging buddy I said, that amaranth I grow all over the garden - that is from her seeds.... :)" I am looking forward to it.

Kate said...

Oh Jillian, I love being your 'blogging buddy'!!

Pattie, they are sending me a dvd... hopefully I can upload it to something online but the ABC are a bit precious about their programmes. Fingers crossed. I am really happy being your blogging buddy too, for how long now .... 6 or 7 years?

DEB said...

if you have the ABC app on your mobile phone or ipad, you can watch Gardening Australia from the Saturday before on a section on it called TV on Demand.

Gavin Webber said...

Looking forward to watching it Kate! I am very excited for you.

Gav x

Linda said...

Hi Kate, very exciting! I'll remember to watch it for sure! I intend to watch every week but normally forget until late in the evening. The photos of your garden look beautiful!

Mishi said...

Watched the segment tonight (have been reading your blog for a while) and it was awesome! Really enjoyed it, your garden is gorgeous, and you were not crazy at all.

Gavin Webber said...

Brilliant segment Kate. Kim and I watched it with excitement, and you were so passionate.

I just which the whole show was about seed saving. The rest of it was boring, compared to your appearance ;-)

Gav x

Sofia said...

Great segment. Very informative. Were you happy with the segment? Did they get the message you wanted to convey across? I really enjoyed and then watched it again on Iview. Well done

Anonymous said...

For everyone that missed Tino being upstaged by our Kate, here is the download link from the ABC website: