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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An autumn snapshot of food, friends and ingenuity

The weather has been glorious; crisp, Autumn mornings followed by calm, sunny days. I rarely go out for the day but I was invited to a pizza making lunch so I headed off to see what I might see.

imageBob built the pizza oven entirely from second hand bits and pieces from local tip-shops, garage sales and salvage yards…. there’s nothing like a man with a ute, in rural southern Tasmania, to smell a bargain!



imageOut in the countryside here it is impossible to grow vegetables, and many ornamental plants, without protection from wildlife such as wallabies and possums. They don’t just nibble at ground level, as rabbits do, they eat everything, even the bark of many fruit trees, and possums break the branches as they clamber up your new orchard plantings. So, Bob also built a wonderful, netted vegetable garden and glass house from his bargain hunting rounds. And that is where Janet grew all the toppings for our pizzas.

imageThe pizza oven is housed in what I call a hut, but without walls, nestled prettily in the garden. Tasmanian weather can change suddenly and this well thought out hut gives shelter without closing you in from the peaceful garden setting.

It all looks like a million dollars, but land is cheap here and Bob built everything, even the house, and together Janet and Bob have established  the gardens with thought and hard work, without outlaying much money.

First, Janet made the dough and let it rest for an hour…..
Then came the home-grown toppings and into the oven it went…
Janet and Bob checked everything was right in the oven…..
A few minutes later it was ready to eat!
It didn’t take long to disappear….
I think my favourite was the olives and roasted capsicum….

The 20 minute drive back to Cygnet takes my breath away, every time. Wherever you go, there is water….river or sea….


There are boats in every nook and cranny…..

One minute it is calm and sunny…
but the weather can change so quickly….

How I found such paradise and how I met such wonderful people, is still a mystery to me.


Jan said...

Hello I just saw your blog in KGI and shared to our Casino Community Garden on Facebook.
So pleased to read that you have made such a wonderful life for yourselves in beautiful Tasmania.

Michelle said...

Wow Kate! What a gorgeous place. A lot of hard work but the returns are so worth it. One day....


Anonymous said...

What a great garden, i have dreamed about a pizza oven for about 15 years, i still have the picture i ripped out of the paper!!! One day I will get my pizza oven (you wouldnt believe im married to a bricklayer!)