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Monday, February 28, 2011

Snippets from the slow lane

I think someone has increased the speed in the slow lane; one minute its 6am and I am having coffee in bed, with all the long day stretching ahead, next thing its 7pm and the feeling of slow did not resemble anything in my day! Don't let anyone fool you with connotations like Sleepy Cygnet or Every Day is a Holiday in the Huon. There is more I would like to participate in around here than I could fit into 3 life times.

If there is one thing I would like to spend more time doing, than anything else, it is helping with the Cygnet Community Garden. It needs direction and bringing the threads together. This is something I would dearly love to get my teeth into, so to speak.

image Last week there seemed to be children everywhere in the garden and it was so delightful. They picked beans, had snail races, played with Pickle and even did a bit of gardening! School has gone back now so, sadly, most of them won't be there for a while.






Memories of my Adelaide garden in late summer.... compared to the miserable crop of 4 tiny eggplants, dozens of green tomatoes, 2 dead cucumber plants and no capsicums that I have this year! It has been the coldest, wettest summer anyone can remember, here!




The Hobart Wooden Boats Festival was wonderful..... workmanship of the highest standard graced the shores of Hobart for 4 days.... the old, the restored, the replica and the modern in every size, colour and shape of floating, wooden craft.... beautiful Tasmanian and other timbers.... and so much to do and talks to hear. Everyone was running their hands over some of the most exquisite boats I have ever seen. Just looking was not enough, you just had to feel them.... I so, so, so wanted to buy "Squirrel" - a rowing/sailing boat to take your breath away. This is it, in these 2 photos....










image Here, you can see my luffa growing very happily in my little hothouse but I have no male flowers! This Hillbilly tomato is ripening but the rest are stubbornly green... and snow is forecast for Tuesday and Thursday! Oh lalalala!



AlexF said...

Great!! Going slow isn't that much fun anyway :)

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Snow... Wow.That is a cold summer.
Beautiful boats. How could you not run your finger over that beautiful workmanship.