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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


On Sunday, Feb 6th, 15 of us launched a new seedsavers group. It was inspiring and so satisfying to watch each person arrive with something to share with the others.... seeds, produce, plants, afternoon tea goodies etc. Most of us had never met before, but everyone introduced themselves and we had a jolly time on my lawn, in the lovely warm sunshine.

This group had a completely different feel to the Home Gardeners Group, who had been invited as our first get together for 2011, but sadly only a couple of the 42 on my email list came.

image I made some sourdough bread, put some seeds into little packets and brought out some plants. I was a bit nervous that no-one would come or that no-one would bring anything to share but I need not have worried. It was fabulous.

Thanks goes to everyone who came and especially to Erika, who appeared from my kitchen carrying teapot, cups and milk just when I was thinking I really should start making tea and coffee.

If any readers would like to join, please leave a comment or send me an email. Its free and get togethers will be held monthly, in conjunction with the Home Gardeners Group for now. I plan on sending a weekly email to members. The emphasis of the group is on seed saving but it seems to me that everything comes down to saving seeds.... so the possibilities are endless.

Three cheers for SeedSaveUs!


JOC said...

Sorry I didn't get there Kate but it was Martin's mother's 80th birthday and the family was meeting at the botanical gardens restaurant for lunch that day.
I didn't think that I could really say that I was busy with other things! Particularly as even the great grandchildren were there. I'm glad that it was a great day.

Michelle said...

Count me in! Cant come to any meetings but i am into giving away some seed!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great Kate. I hope you get a good turn out of people each month.
(still trying to order those sunflower seeds too. If my local doesn't come up with the goodies, I will get them through you.)

Michelle said...

Hello Kate

This sounds fantastic and I would love to join - my email is
leocrawford at bigpond dot com