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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cyclone Yasi

I was just listening to a reporter on the radio explaining the monumental destruction caused by the biggest cyclone ever recorded in Australia. She could barely keep the tremor from her voice as she tried to paint a picture for those of us standing at the sink washing the dishes or going about other business, far away from all the pain. I don't think you need pictures to help you imagine some of these images.

  1. the torrential rain is so heavy you can't open your eyes. 500mm in 1 day
  2. in places, the wind gusts reached 300km/hour
  3. people are 4 wheel driving through the main street of one town as the road is missing
  4. the beach is inside dozens of homes and the furniture has been swept away
  5. dozens of large sailing and motor boats are piled up on the deck of a house
  6. trees 1m across were tossed aside
  7. 4,000 army personnel are on their way, by ship and helicopter
  8. 2,000 tons of food is arriving by ship tomorrow as the roads are closed because most of them no longer exist
  9. overwhelming destruction
  10. One 22 year old died because he had a generator going, in the lounge room. Poor lad.... he just didn't know.
  11. no electricity, water, food, shelter, sewerage in many areas
  12. thousands of people have nowhere to go, nothing to eat and no home to go back to, but can't get out and no-one can get in yet
  13. 2,000 people slept in a shopping mall
  14. flash flooding is now heading west and south
  15. Victoria is being flooded again

All of this on top of the worst floods ever recorded. It is hard to go about your day, knowing your fellow Australians are suffering so much.


Tamara said...

I know, it just seems bizzare - extremes in weather all over Australia. Last Tues I was in Hobart for a meeting and it was 22 deg and raining, while Yasi was blowing up in North Qld, Tassie was wet and windy, but in the middle, my hubby said over the phone several times in one sentance - but its 43 deg here [Newcastle]. Yet in North America, and other places, they're snowed in due to freak storms. Sounds like a plot for a movie!

Kate said...

Lets hope its a movie with a happy ending!