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Friday, June 25, 2010

Let the Show Begin!


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And so it was that we started the Home gardeners Group... with introductions, seeds and food to share. A dozen or so of us gathered at my place, most not having met before. When you open the door to gardeners, you know they are your friends, even before they step inside and so it was today. I am so lucky to have found such people already after only 3 months. It took me 20 years of solitary gardening in Adelaide.









I caught a few of them on film... hahaha.... that word film shows my age! But Christine did a much better job of photographing my winter garden and kindly sent me her photos...

There are so many stories amongst the people, I am sure.... from far and wide and up and down but, right now, we are all living within 20 minutes or so of each other.... at places like Charlotte Cove, Birch's Bay, Lower Wattle Grove and Woodbridge.... washed up on the shores or returned home.


Frances brought buckets of dill and sweet pea seeds to start our seed sharing. Ros gave me a plant called herb Herb Robertianum which is wonderful because I have never heard of it. Please read about its cancer curing qualities and other benefits, as found on Isabel Shipard's website. When mine gets big enough I will certainly be chopping it up into my meals, as suggested. Evidently it self sows readily in a damp, shady spot.


There are lots of recipes to be shared amongst us and the table was laden with goodies!

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Robert said...

Herb Robertianum appears to be Geranium robertianum, which I know as Herb Robert. It grows all over my plot, you only had to ask! It seeds everywhere, but it's easy to pull out so no worries.