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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Gardeners Group

On Friday a whole bunch of people are coming to my place for the inaugural Home Gardeners Group get together. It is initially under the banner of the SCSLG... which stands for.... South Channel Sustainable Living Group.... hooray, I remembered it all!!! If anyone reading this blog would like to come, please send me an email and I will send you my address, because absolutely everybody is invited. It's going to be a fun, food-focused morning and here is the email I sent out about it:


  • If you were not at the Monday night meeting but would like to join in with the Home Gardeners Group, you are very welcome. Please let me know if you would like to come to our first get together, this Friday June 25th at 10am at my place.


  • The idea of the group is to enjoy sharing knowledge, experience, stories, seeds, plants, produce, recipes, food from our home gardens and hopefully to take ourselves to interesting local places related to growing food. I hope we can organise workshops on topics of our choosing and even make some fruit brews, such as limoncello, cassis, frangelico, honey mead, elderflower champagne to name a few.
  • If you are coming on Friday, let's start this off as we mean to continue. So if you have any seeds / seedlings / herbs / produce / food etc to share then bring them and we'll put them on a table for others to see. Then we will each tell the group about what we brought so people hear the story and we get to know each other.


  • I don't have many chairs so it would be helpful if you could bring one! I thought we'd have a walk around my acre, share what we have brought, have some morning tea and hopefully a few laughs as we get to know each other and talk about the kinds of things we might do together. Its colder in Cygnet than around Woodbridge, so please dress warmly!
  • Please try to car pool; after all this is all part of what we are trying to achieve. If you don't know anyone yet, hopefully you will after Friday. And I will make a list of members' contact details for us all.
  • Please feel free to contact me anytime but if you ring me, I may be outside and not hear the phone. I don't like answering machines, but if you ring after 5pm I am sure to be inside. I am online all the time, so emails will always be answered quickly. And you might like to read my blog Vegetable Vagabond from time to time. The blog we made for the Hills and Plains Seedsavers in Adelaide is full of stuff you might find interesting and/or entertaining too.



Gavin said...

Love your community spirt Kate as always! Maybe you should invite the Gourmet Farmer and his wife along. That might be a good hook, and get the masses along?


Kate said...

Well Gavin, his business partner is coming; a lovely lady called Ann. I am yet to meet Matthew, but I look forward to it.
Do I have the passion to do this all again? I bloody well hope so!
Would you come and talk to the group, Gavin? That would be a real winner.

Gavin said...

Hi Kate,

I would be honoured to talk to your group! I just have to make it down to Tassie. I am due for a holiday, and ever since Kim and I saw the Matthew's TV series we have wanted to visit. Let me see what I can arrange.