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Monday, June 28, 2010

Have fun....


Preaching at people rarely works but making fun does. It seems to me that fun has gone out of some people's lives and, somehow, if you can give people a little taste of fun again, they respond in the most amazing ways. Like this video shows..... no-one said "Go and walk on those steps and it will be fun." They just put it out there.... and let it happen.

Its the same with this whole Transition Town thing; you can offer a list of serious discussions and ask for leaders and participants but the person who gets up and talks about doing fun stuff like .... making limoncello and cassis... the one who turns a potentially boring subject into a fun one by calling it The Tomato Appreciation Society... or cooking decadent stuff using seasonal fruits from our gardens.... like getting together this week to get it all going....  all the while smiling and laughing, will be the one who gets people signing up.

However there are some people who refuse to see fun.... I made the sad mistake of putting up a curving fence, instead of a straight one, for growing the peas up, at the community garden and was told off because growing food is not about making it look nice. Bloody hell.... I give up. I was shocked anyone could be so boring, so grumpy, so un-fun. Shall I bother going today?


Belinda said...

Yep, you'll go today. Pretty sure you wouldn't let a silly grump stomp all over your fun.

Sometime we just have to enjoy our own fun and let the others use the stairs.

Kind Regards

Rusty said...

Thats wonderful! Someone had a fun idea....ATB!

vrtlarica said...

I would love to use these steps.
You just keep on having fun!

Gavin said...

It just goes to show that even little steps can be fun! ;)


Pattie Baker said...

Oh, my goodness, Kate, just nab the title of Village Idiot and have a grand ole' time each and every day!