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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You know you are in Adelaide when…..

  • The roads are straight and long and run east-west or north-south.
  • You can always see the hills to the east, even when you are on the beach to the west.
  • There is space to breathe and move.
  • The beach is wide and white and hundreds of miles long, in both directions
  • You have known your friends since before you can remember
  • No-one needs help getting vitamin D
  • You can walk in the sea with bare feet even in winter
  • Rain makes everyone happy
  • On the radio they are STILL talking about what to do about the Britannia Round-about!!!
  • Matthew Evans and David Bevan are on 891 morning radio AND they are still great
  • Rose Squire is still on 891 on Sundays, with her renovation talk-back and home handyman tips. Wow, she is great too.
  • Old buildings and homes are made of beautiful stone
  • When you get off the plane, you are right there, almost in my mother’s backyard
  • The quality and variety of local ingredients surpasses anything, anywhere else
  • I actually enjoy going to a certain supermarket, Foodland at Frewville, because they specialise in SA produce and it makes me proud to be South Australian
  • People talk like I do
  • You can get REALLY good cheese, organic chicken and Coorong Mullet (just the BEST fish in the world…. shhhh… don’t tell anyone or they will stop only charging $6.50 / kg!!)
  • They are STILL doing road works on South Road
  • Half of every shop fridge is taken over with Farmers’ Union Iced Coffee (Thanks, Alex!)


AlexF said...

Ah so true.

One that you forgot: "half the fridge space in any deli is filled with farmers union ice coffee!"

Keltia Hoath said...

and don't forget Fritz

theroadtoserendipity said...

Just wondering...why did you move to Tassie?! We moved from W.A. because we were left Serendipity Farm by my father in his will and fell in love with it. Otherwise we would still be welded tight to W.A. You caress S.A. like a long lost lover, just wondering why you left?