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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hughsli again…. well why not? He is my son!

He works on the preserves and bars and cereals for days, weeks even, then as the weekend draws closer he launches into fresh dips, salads and chocolates. Then he gets up at 3am every Saturday and Sunday (market days) and finishes baking the most amazing cakes, tarts, croissants and breads.


He was so kind; asking me to spend a day in kitchen with him, knowing how much I would love that. Evidently I talked too much (what mother who misses her son, doesn’t talk too much when with him?) and once I made a mistake with resetting the scales but, for my first go at being very accurate AND doing what I am told, I thought I did alright. But get up at 3am the next morning, I did not!

I arrived at the Farmers’ Market much later and saw the joy on his face, heard the jokes with his customers and thought of my many wonderful visits to similar markets in France…..

France….. a cheese man….

image image image

Adelaide….. Hugh, his own man…..

image image
image image

Just take a wander through some of the range he took to the market that day, for The House of Hughsli stall….

Can you imagine how good strawberry pralinetastes when layered through a sweet croissant?!

Made with the darkest of chocolate, these black forest truffles deserve some kind of award!!

You love sticky date pudding? Well this is way beyond that!!








Makes me sing!







Beautiful packaging, amazing products and a talented young man.

Check out Hughsli on Facebook.


africanaussie said...

oh you must be so proud - all of it looks so delicious. I know what you mean about talking too much when you do get to see them.

Linda said...

What amazing looking produce! I'm glad your having a nice visit.