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Friday, July 26, 2013

Fish Sharing

When I arrived at my house over 3 years ago a wooden fish was living on my bath…. a gift from the previous owners. We co-habited in the bathroom for some time, never totally at ease with one another.
Then I decided to paint the bathroom and well, he (the fish) was left out in the cold, so to speak, in a box of “collectables” I could not quite bring myself to get rid of.
This weekend I have to fit 16 people in my kitchen for an Exotic High Tea Experience and absolutely everything not required has to be moved out….. including that box residing under a table in the corner.
On Tuesday I was, once again, lighting the fire for the evening and was short of light wood….. I took the fish and walked toward the fire but I could not do it; I could not destroy a fish I had lived with for 3 years or more….. so, I put him in the kindling box, to be dealt with another day.
I had thought to take him to a second hand shop but felt it just too ridiculous to hand in a lonely, painted, wooden fish, without a box of other recyclables!
Then a miracle happened! Theresa came to visit and, when I opened the kindling box to get wood for the fire, she saw the lonely fish, lying on his side in the box, and…… fell in love!
Fish now lives in a pretty garden, keeping a close eye on the real fish that live in the pond.

I look forward to visiting Fish soon.

Life is good and sometimes it is just plain crazy.


Linda said...

Ha ha! Too funny! Next thing you know you'll be missing the fish!

Learning to be Self Sufficient said...

Lucky Fish! Hope you get visitation rights.

Jason Dingley said...

A beautiful story of near death and love at first sight.