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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wanted: Smiles of comprehension....

I hear it so often and I am sick of it.... "I have a vegetable garden... but... so much gets wasted because I don't get around to eating from it..... Its so convenient to shop at the supermarket....." etc etc etc etc until I want to scream. It is a disease; contagious, malignant, but avoidable.

These people feel distressed, annoyed with themselves and helpless to know how to change. I see it everywhere and hear the same excuses, smell the same car fumes, see the same rushing, rushing, rushing in the main streets but, at the same time, I sense the desire to do it differently, the pleading for a solution.... and now help is at hand!

I am going to give a few talks and run monthly workshops, where I show people how to live and eat from their gardens; where we go into my garden together, find dinner and cook it in minutes, then eat it together. We will laugh and enjoy it. This is my passion and I think I can do it, if only I can inspire them, from the very beginning, to listen with their hearts and minds and learn with me. We will relax, step back and review the way we approach thinking about food and we will have fun doing it. It will definitely be more fun that shopping in a supermarket and so rewarding.

Smiles of comprehension are what I am aiming for and if just one person continues the journey afterwards, I will be happy. Diseases are sometimes persistent and need constant, repeated treatments so I want my garden to be open for therapy.... like a personal trainer, I will be!

Contact me if you'd like to join in.


Tanya said...

Go for it! What a great idea. I hope your locals grab it with both hands

Søren Holt said...

Great idea, I don't see how it can fail for you! Wish I was around.

Deb said...

Hi Kate
You could get your 'students of life' further inspired via Soil for life ( the soil,grow the plants,feed the people, heal the planet.This group from Capetown South Africa run training "To all who must eat to live,there is hope.Grow your own food'. Their stories are inspiring comming from those who have nothing-just the opposite to wateful ways of this country.
I received this info as a christmas card from a friend in Capetown.So Keep sharing your skills Kate its fundamental to grow and eat!

Pattie Baker said...

love it, Kate. Am joining you halfway around the world :)