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Thursday, January 19, 2012

'Tis the season to relax

Such a good time was had and sooooo handsome are my boys (Wink) that it has taken me all this time to choose the Christmas photos to put on the blog....

"Food, festivities and fun" was the theme for the Flints, as it was the first time we'd been together for a year. It seemed Hugh was not going to make it, as a thunder storm hit Hobart as his plane was about to land at 5pm on Christmas eve but good old Qantas found a break in the storm, after an hour of circling the skies, and Hugh finally arrived safely.

image On Christmas day chef Hugh produced these delicious prawn cocktails whilst using every dish in the kitchen and calling all hands on deck....




Meanwhile, Alex quietly and very expertly baked a magnificent nut roast (left back) which every vegetarian should have in their repertoire.

imageWe shared Christmas lunch with old friends, on the lawn, under a pretty market stall gazebo that I just love and am so glad I bought last year.image

If you love leatherwood honey, you may be interested in this photo of the leatherwood trees in flower which I took when we went on the Tahune air walk, a suspended walkway high up in the tree tops, out of Geeveston.


Then we went on a day trip to Bruny Island, just a few minutes by ferry....

To me, Bruny Island is all about the sea; crystal clear water, brilliant white sand, and views to take your breath away.....



image berries to gorge on, on pancakes and in glasses, at The Berry Farm.


Summer here is soft and green, with the odd hot day for swimming.... and the whole area is laden with fruit. Heaven.

Life is good. Get there fast then take it slow.



AlexF said...

Lovely... :)

Kate said...

Hey, Alex, can you type out your actual recipe (not that crazy pdf version) so I can put it on Gardeners' Gastronomy please?!And also your vegetarian BBQ ideas.They were fabulous too.