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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A summer salad for a barefoot gardener

I love bare feet. I love soft, green paths and I love my gentle summer garden in Tasmania.


By 7pm the heat of the day has diminished, there's a gentle sea breeze and I walk my shaded, clover paths in bare feet, finding salad greens here and there, to fill my basket and my plate. There is even a late raspberry to be found.

So many people have suggested ways I could control the wildness of my paths and keep them clear of weeds and grass and clover but I just nod and say thanks for the advice..... then I just mow them. Clover mows beautifully and never grows too tall when your mowing is late. It is luxuriously soft to walk on and makes me feel very happy, as I work barefoot in my garden this summer.


Heather said...

Hi Kate,
I'm interested in growing clover as a ground cover and chicken food, does it just grow wild at your place or did you cultivate it?
I know what you mean about comments about "controlling the wilderness" I just work WITH it, and both me and the wilderness are a lot better off! :)

Kate said...

Hi heather,
The clover just grew by itself. Its an excellent ground cover and stops bad weeds getting a hold under the shrubbery and in the paths.

It can be sown also as a green manure, amongst tomatoes, then dug in when the tomatoes are finished. When it is short-lived like that, its quite easy to dig in.(See Eliot Coleman's books)

All the best,