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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why I am, or was, feeling soooooo hungry!



A quiet walk around Hugh's garden, picking bits for dinner.... a thorough investigation of the contents of his fridge and cupboards and dinner is underway, while I am home alone tonight....





The kitchen fills with the aromas I love so, so much.... while the air conditioner works hard to keep away the reason why they are already ripe in this garden!!






I swear this zucchini tripled in size during the heat today.... and the first, fresh garlic has increased in intensity too.... 







the herbs added zing to the salad.... and I am in heaven! See the watermelon radish? Usually its redder. There's rocket, sorrel, mint, tarragon, Vietnamese mint, garlic chives, lettuce.... and a sliced up falafel. No dressing, just crushed ice.



I wasn't going to eat it all.... I meant to save some for Hugh.... oh dear!!

If ever there's a reason I would leave Tasmania it would be because I cannot either grow or find locally some of the vegetables of the Mediterranean summer that are hard to grow there, without resorting to buying their tasteless cousins from the supermarket.

Later.... I have passed a test here at Hugh's..... unaided use of coffee machine 101.

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chaiselongue1 said...

What a beautiful feast! I think I'd find it hard to live somewhere I couldn't grow my own aubergines. We ate our last ones of the season today and I can hardly wait for next summer!