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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hugh's Guru Food plus... Adventures in Hugh's Garden

image If you knew Hugh you would not have been wondering why I have written barely a thing since I arrived at his house to stay. There has not been a minute to contemplate the meaning of life. Hugh has started making and marketing what he calls Hughsli Essentials.... food one should never be without .....and I have happily offered myself as packer, sampler, bottle washer and general helper.

As you can see, this is not me in this photo at the Adelaide Central Market, but his marketing helper, Georgina.image








Since I arrived last Friday, I have been eating his gourmet toasted muesli every morning and nibbling away at the off-cuts of the Bar Up muesli bars during the day..... then there's dukkah, 2 incredible mixes of nuts and spices, a seasonal range of preserves including caramelised quince paste, mint and apple jelly as well as lemon and lime curd. Everything is sourced as locally as possible and here he is picking the mint for the mint and apple jelly from my mother's garden....


Hugh's own garden is based around 2 ponds which make this hot, sandy garden seem cool and fresh even when its 37 like today.image





There are advantages to living in a hot, dry place..... you can pick up lounge chairs from hard rubbish collections, put them in your garden for a while and when they fall to bits, put them out and get another..... here is my favourite breakfast couch.....image


If this was in my garden in Cygnet, it would be wet and mouldy all the time!

Or if you prefer to sit under the gazebo....


Hugh's passion for his garden, his own food and his new business are invaluable, enviable and exciting. Hughsli is now stocked in various locations all over Adelaide, from Goodies and Grains in the Central Market, to Viva at Burnside Village and The Corner Store in Semaphore.

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garden lover said...

Love that Hughsli!

Pattie Baker said...

UNBELIEVABLE! What a journey Hugh has had these past few years. I LOVE the graphic design, by the way. I'll "Like" on FB. :)