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Monday, November 14, 2011

Self-sowing and re-growing my way to laziness....


Another step on the way to Adelaide.... imagethe Naracoorte Caravan park and a lovely cabin nestled in the gum trees which are laden with parrots and other birds..... then collapsing on the couch to read another chapter or two of Pattie's book, Food for my Daughters, stirring memories and thoughts in the cauldron of life.....

Basically I am very lazy but don't tell anyone! I thought of this when reading p.53 of The Book where Pattie says ".... I felt the incredible joy that comes from slowing down, keeping things simple (even if they seem more complicated at first) and savouring the stops along the way on the journey. Even if they involve washing dishes and napkins." Added to this is the fact that I have spent the day driving through town after town on my trip to SA and was disappointed but resigned to seeing how similar they have all become and how useless and alien they feel to me. I swear I will never go to Ballarat again, or was it Horsham or some other town full of the same shops, the same sterile atmosphere and supermarket carparks bigger than the whole of the Cygnet main street!

Simple, to me, does not mean queuing up at the checkout of another supermarket with a trolley load of food in plastic packets or pretty boxes or words proclaiming the goods to be made from real fruit or stupid things like chips that are baked not fried.... or milk that does not even live in the fridge. Simple is going outside my back door and picking food, cooking it (or eating raw...goodness, what a thought...raw fruit that is 100% fruit!) and enjoying the tastes, the story behind its short life, remembering who gave me the seeds and having someone to share it all with.

My idea of simple (and how I can be really lazy but seem very clever) is making my garden do 2 things for me.... self-sow some of everything (so I don't even have to remember when to sow the seeds), and re-grow (ie, have lots of perennial vegetables that come up year after year, like asparagus).

There are lots of other things I am lazy about in this simple life; composting for example, as in the previous post, and letting chaos reign in order to maintain an ecological balance amongst the wildlife in in the garden, as I have written and talked about many times before.

Life is good. Lets try to keep it that way.

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