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Monday, August 15, 2011

SeedSaveUs at Ann's

image It was a lovely gathering at Ann's, in Woodbridge, on Sunday. All the usual suspects were there plus some new faces, which was great. Everywhere I go here seems to be so lovely and Ann's is no exception..... creative veg garden made from semi-circles of rainwater tanks, painted dark grey to be more aesthetic that glaring tin..... imageclever use of polycarbonate sheeting and foam boxes to make a perfect seed-raising house.... a beautiful creek that was so overgrown with blackberries that Ann did not even know it was there when she bought the land....a new orchard, a pretty house, full of light and warmth.....and, of course, a water view to die for.

Cars must have been bulging at the seams as they sped across the hills from Cygnet to Woodbridge because the seeds/plants/produce table in the hot-house was overflowing with things to share, as was the food table inside.image
















Thanks to everyone who came and I so look forward to seeing you again soon.

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