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Thursday, August 18, 2011

An old cow ....part2: Kate the cave woman exposed

I have to make a confession; deep down inside this vegetable vagabond lives a cave woman whose eyes shine with glee when she sees the hunter return home with an animal for dinner.... not a plastic-wrapped fillet from the supermarket but an animal with bones and skin and flesh and even innards, opportunistically gathered as described in the previous post .

Once it is cooked she tears off a leg and attacks it with gusto, without plate, cutlery or ceremony. She relishes every last morsel, leaving nothing for the vultures....

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Jenny Smith said...

Hi Kate - finally got round to looking at your blog. I agree with your thoughts on food & meat! I've just been musing on the same things at
Saw your photo in the Huon News too! I must get along to the Cygnet market sometime.
Cheers, Jenny