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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vasili and Gavin..... Maresi!

If you missed Gavin on the TV show Vasili's Garden, back in November, you are in for a treat! Grab a cuppa, get everyone round the screen and sit back for a really fun and informative 3/4 hour or so.

I started reading Gavin's blog when it was brand new, back in about 2007. It has not all been smooth sailing for Gavin and his family, as they have had various health problems etc but nothing has stopped Gavin pursuing his desire to turn from a regular, petrol-guzzling consumer, to a model of green living, after watching "An Inconvenient Truth".

Now I am proud to call him a friend after a visit I made to his house on my Voyage of the Vegetable Vagabond, in 2008, and all the comments we have thrown at each other's blogs since.

Maresi, Gavin.... oh, and maresi Vasili too!

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