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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The why and how and what if, of biodiversity

Oh dear. More than anything else, this is a tragedy indeed. This is exactly why we must ALL save the seeds of everything we can. Or share the saving amongst a group; one person saves tomatoes, one broccoli, one lettuce and so on.

From Bioversity International


chaiselongue said...

You're right, this is a tragedy. What a loss to the whole world. I think all traditional gardeners share seed - everyone does here and hardly anyone ever buys seeds. We all swap and share, too. But I know this must be more difficult in a city, so it has to be organised. Luckily, with people like you publicising it, the interest in seed saving seems to be growing.
By the way, we've saved some seed from this year's crop of Bari cucumbers - they did well this year.

Thanks for your comment - I'm glad you're still managing to grow a Mediterranean diet!

africanaussie said...

what a shame that would be to lose all those diverse plants.
I am doing my little bit by saving the seeds from the amaranth that you sent me! I am hoping that they build up some immunity to the tropcial bugs though which seem to love the new plants I have introduced!