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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white........

image After a calm and sunny winter, I thought I'd got off lightly for my first cold season in Tasmania. But wild weather has been building out at sea, down near the Antarctic, for days. And it has begun lashing Tasmania, blowing out the plastic on my gorgeous little glasshouse door and almost tearing it off its ancient hinges; crashing through the trees like a runaway train, and sending my thermometer flying off its sturdy nail on my verandah, right out into the garden!

The rain has filled my dam which is now flowing out of its spillway. The creek is a torrent and what was just a merry trickle through the cow paddock, is now an angry river. We still mostly all braved the weather and headed off to the food forest for gardening this morning. Luckily Celia, our fearless leader, had brought seeds for us to sow and it was really very pleasant in the poly tunnel, sheltered from the worst of the wind and horizontal rain by the shed.

However we soon unanimously agreed that the pub was a far better venue for such a day. Celia had arranged for us to show a DVD about an inspirational Austrian bloke taking Europe by storm with his wonderful natural farming style.

image Pickle and I spent the afternoon inside where the fire was our focus. I mostly read.... and ate... and watched the storm! Pickle was very relaxed during even the fiercest of wind gusts.....image





image  image


The talk in town is that we might wake to a white Cygnet tomorrow.....


Leanne daharja said...

We're having weird and wild weather too! No snow, but lots of wind and rain.

I think it's been the first winter without snow in living memory. I hope you get the snow you want!

And that fire looks lovely.

Pattie Baker said...

We love Pickle!