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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weaving natural fibres



Deb showed me her beautiful winter weaving projects when I was in Adelaide recently. These photos are from Deb's blog.....

winter 012

But Deb also makes wonderful structures in the garden such as these..... all just from materials she grows.


I cannot wait to try some of this in my garden. I have lots of suitable plants and trees.... but even with a friend like Deb to give me some guidance, I do not think I will ever be as skilful as her!




Here are some other ideas for weaving fences in Europe, mostly as a means of stabilising soil.....

Live Fascines



1 comment:

Heiko said...

I tried weaving baskets from willow once. We made about half a dozen, but they weren't nearly as good as any of this. I want a friend like Deb who can show me... :(