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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New friends and lots of fun in the garden


image Tash invited me over for my birthday and made me a lovely birthday cake! image

Look at the size of that broccoli head!!!!
imagePickle helping to un-collect kindling!


A visit to Jan's.... berry heaven!
image Pickle helping to clear the path to Monet's bridge! image

Late afternoon sun catches the willow

A spooky man unveiled....

Late afternoon sun and reflections.

The scenic route from my letterbox to the house

My new inspiring read.... a birthday present from Liz.


vrtlarica said...

If I didn't see it with my eyes now, I wouldn’t believe that such big broccoli head is possible. Is that your garden? Congratulations, it's beautiful!

I love the willow picture.

AlexF said...

I love these posts you do with the pictures in the table with the text. I can't believe you such a cute bridge to your house, and the most amazing reflections in your pond!!!