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Monday, August 9, 2010

All I want is a nice piece of wood

I guess people here think I am funny.... everyone always has, but now I am even funnier, it seems. Now that people are thinking of climate change, peak oil and all that, they are trying to be greener and more sustainable but somehow something has got lost in the translation. And this is why I am funny and need a piece of nice wood.... while so so so many people are out buying BIG, very big and very expensive stuff to make them look greener...... I just think it would be nice if I could balance a few more pots of herbs on my kitchen window sill..... and a nice, straight piece of wood would do the job perfectly.

Some couples drive for an hour to work every day, so they afford to buy even more green stuff ..... but I so enjoy walking to the shop with Pickle to buy milk, meeting up with all kinds of friendly faces on the way, not to mention seeing if the tide is in or out and walking through the community garden to pick some extra leaves for dinner.

They know shops they love to tell me about, all at least an hour away, where they like getting their green stuff. I like the green stuff that mostly grows in my garden. I leave Cygnet as infrequently as possible.... they think its funny to not have gone far afield in nearly 5 months. I think its funny that they have to buy their food when they have been here for years, sometimes on 20 acres or more.

They look disappointed that I am not more interested in their green stuff because someone has told them I am a green kind of person. Obviously I must not be well-informed or maybe I am a fraud and not green at all. I would dearly love to tell them that I have read all about their green stuff, that I think their green stuff is still stuff and it just has a green veneer.

They don't know where the community garden is, what a food forest is, who David Holmgren is or that the library needs volunteers to fix shelves and read to children.  I want to tell them that the best thing they can do is stay home and grow their food, get to know their community and start sharing. But it seems rude to denigrate their long hours of work, their expensive acquisitions, their "naturally" dyed hair and years of pursuing a dream.

So.... I watch with interest and disappointment that even these diligent, intelligent, well-meaning people still don't get it. In the meantime, tomorrow I am going out to my shed to see if I can find a piece of wood for my window sill because I have so enjoyed having lush pots of herbs in the kitchen during winter and I'd like to have more and not to have to go outside in the cold at night to pick some for my dinner.

Is that so funny?


vrtlarica said...

Being green it very popular these days.
This is a great post. And I hope you find a nice piece of wood for your window sill.

Emma said...

Very eloquently put :) May your herbs thrive!

africanaussie said...

Oh Kate, how well put! Isnt it strange what areas the word "green" now encompasses! By the way my amaranth seeds that you sent me are growing well- thanks so much. I planted a windowbox of herbs for my daughter in NYC and she called me today to tell me that everything is growing well! good luck with finding that perfect piece of wood.

Heiko said...

You are absplutely right. Couldn't agree more.