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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You can find a Mitre 10 hardware shop in almost every town in Australia. They have a catch-phrase : Mitre 10/10 every time

I cannot understand why.

They are useless in the extreme.

They never have anything you want and no-one who serves there knows anything or cares.

Here in Cygnet they are called "Minus 5 out of 10, every time". How can a hardware shop in rural anywhere only have stakes as high as your knee or as high as the ceiling, and not care??

I think there ought to be a new political party running in all seats, for this next Federal election - the "Replace Mitre 10" party.


Stephen said...

I haven't seen a Mitre 10 in years - I thought Bunnings had eaten them all!

Julie said...

We have one of those shops near us we call it "the out of stock shop", they never have what you want and if they do it will only be one of them...we have to travel one hour to get near a Bunnings needless to say we stock up when we do.

Robert said...

Someone needs to from the sound of it! In the UK, rural shops survive only because they make the effort to provide what local people need. My sister runs one on Orkney; she supports people around her, and they support her in return.