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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Winter Frost Fairies Arrive

I opened my curtains in the morning to see a world transformed into a chilly, frosty but delightful place. Mists wafted gently across my face, smoke rose from a neighbours chimney and my thermometer read -3C, as I stood on the verandah in my pj's, smiling at the wonders of nature. A tiny wren was out early, catching insects in the bottlebrush and the shimmer of the sun's rays tried to wriggle through the white air and reach the earth.


The paddock next door was brilliant green yesterday!

Do dark leaves reduce the frost?

image image

Even though I had not covered the mature cos lettuce or the tiny, self-sown lettuce seedlings, they suffered no damage as they thawed very slowly, the temperature being very low all morning, and I threw an old sheet over them to keep the sun off for a while. Surprisingly even the bok choy, which was weighed down with frost, recovered well.

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Aussiemade said...

Hi Kate,
I live near Cygnet. I am really enjoying your blog. Mind you your garden is doing way better than mine at present.
I agree with you about what you say in regard to Cygnet. My friends on the big island to the north, shake their heads when I told them it takes me over three hours to do my shopping in our village we Cygnet..mostly because of all the conversation...welcome to this amazing area.