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Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for Words

These are some lovely ads I have come across since I arrived. They are indicative of the nice, gentle lifestyle and people here...

Give away to good home. Old jersey house cow. Still in milk but not in calf.

Miniature piglets, breeder of 10 years, reg with mppa ,expected to reach height of 40cm to the shoulder at maturity.These gorgeous bubs make great pets are very clean and easy to train.

We have two beautiful gypsy vanner horses that we are willing to give out to loving and caring homes . If you have been looking for a horses for your family or you are interested in our horses, then you can contact us for more details and pictures of the horses.

The thing most noticeable about people here is that they speak with more words.... not spitting them out in a furious hurry to finish, but slowly and taking the time to interact with you. No-one is in a rush. There is time for conversations whether it be with acquaintances in the shop, friends at home over coffee or with council workers working on the footpath in my street. Everyone stops, talks and listens; only moving on when the conversation is finished.

They remember what you say and next time they see you they have something for you.... like Jay who brought me a ladder she'd found at the tip shop because I had mentioned wanting to fix my gutter. Just like that.... so nice. And Liz who has given me big, comfy arm chairs and who arrived at the front door on the weekend laden with watercress, because she'd heard me talking to someone about it and when she found some growing in a creek, thought she would collect it for me to grow.... and the council workers who dug a trench for me with their digger at lunch time and even laid my pipe and filled in the trench while I was out.

I heard today about a group of neighbours who gave a surprise welcome party to some people moving into a house near them.... now that is pretty amazing!

It is not that time has passed Cygnet by; it is that Cygnet makes time for words.


belinda said...

That is really beautiful. Finding time to share words really is so important.

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

That's lovely Katie. Not quite sure if its the breeder or the piglet that is expected to reach 40cm at maturity though ! :-)

Kate said...

Oh didn't I mention that Tasmanians are very short too!