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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Excitement of Food and of Stuff

Have you been watching Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey?

He takes you to places you'd never see otherwise; especially into the kitchens of fishermen's wives, of roadside cafes, of a famous Malaysian extrovert TV chef and oh into so many markets full of spices, tropical vegetables, seafood and smiling Thai people.

All the while my bread was cooking..... Deb's sourdough still going strong.... and the smell of hot sourdough bread was wafting in and mixing with the imagined aromas of limes, coconut milk, fish sauce and Vietnamese mint!

It made me think how exciting food can be and made me wonder why so many people eat so badly when there is so much enjoyment to be had in eating simple, tasty, home cooked, freshly grown food.

On my way back from the shop today I walked through the community garden to pick some herbs .... I am so excited by all the wonderful smells and tastes of herbs..... but I am sure no-one else around here uses any of these in the garden. Opening up the pocket of my backpack, back in my kitchen, brought a huge smile to my face as I smelt and felt each herb before putting it into a container to use later.

There is a wonderful website that deals with a lot of stuff in a highly entertaining but also serious way. If you love watching really really good video clips and animations, go straight here to The Story of Stuff Project and the blog. While you are there you might like to donate to keep this truly worthwhile project going.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

This reminds me of a very small community garden I was looking at in Sydney.
There was no one around and suddenly a jogger ran into the garden grabbed a piece of rosemary and then disappeared down a near by lane.
Lamb and rosemary for dinner?