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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cygnet Permaculture Food Forest

There is a patch of land hereabouts that is just yearning for help. Once upon a time it had been planted with some fruit trees..... apples, feijoa, elderberry and even a pine nut tree. I am not sure what happened but it has been neglected and become an overgrown tangle of grass, weeds and rocks. It is this patch which has formed a link for me, with Celia and Liz, two very committed community-minded women who have managed to secure a grant to develop a permaculture food forest on this site, in conjunction with a movement called "Green Gym".

The deal is that anyone can come along on Thursday mornings and participate in creating a food forest, as designed by Celia..... so far there are about 8 of us. In the process, we learn a lot about permaculture and growing food, all the while meeting local people, getting fit and doing something for the community. It is a great idea.

A food forest is a complex ecosystem, just like a natural landscape, incorporating multiple layers of food production, each supporting the other. I will write more on this later but, for inspiration, watch this video and imagine your food forest being handed down through 28 generations......

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great Kate.
Great to see Geoff Lawton again, what a beautiful food forest in Vietnam.