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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Kate's Sourdough Workshop videos

Follow along as I make my no-knead sourdough bread, showing you all the steps and giving you tips, history lessons and sourdough stories along the way. All notes and recipes are free for you to download.

You will need:1/2 cup rye sourdough starter1.5 cups wholemeal rye flour (I recommend Four Leaf, which is organic, Australian, unprocessed and freshly milled)500g wheat bread flour, at least 50% wholemeal (I recommend Four Leaf 85%)1.5 tsp saltwater
First day, 9am we will feed the starter together . You will need the starter + the rye flour + a spoon and access to water. 1. Fed sourdough starter 2. 500g bread flour, preferably " Four Leaf 85%" from Heartfelt Wholefoods or another wheat flour which is at least 50% wholemeal . 3. 1 x small mixing bowl+ 1 x medium mixing bowl. 4. Steel tablespoon or a wooden spoon 5. A plastic bag or other suitable covering for the medium bowl. The next morning at about 8am we meet again and do the second rising. You will need .... 1.either a cane banetton or a nicely shaped bowl, (which I will explain beforehand.) 2. A little oil and a little bit of rice flour (or other gf flour). Don't stress too much if you don't have any gf flour. 3. An oven that can work at 240C 4. A cast iron pot with lid or alternative. We will discuss this beforehand. That night at 7PM we will make the dough. Here's what you will need for that....
1. Fed sourdough starter

I introduce you to the bowls, pans, utensils and extras , along the way.
You can find all the notes and recipes here.....

Step 1
Feeding the starter

Making the loaf
The second proof
When to turn on the oven
Turning on the oven
Putting the loaf into the oven
Taking off the lid and turning down the temperature
The finale!

We are aiming for fairly even holes through the whole loaf, with a thin but crisp crust. Don't cut it for 2 hours or it will be wet and horrible :-)

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