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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vari’s is closing

To the people of eastern Adelaide, those few words will bring sadness and many happy memories. Frank’s wonderful little Italian grocery shop is packed from floor to the rafters with home made and imported everyday Italian ingredients and foods, all at reasonable prices. Frank arrived in Australia in 1955 and started working in his (late) sister’s shop in 1960 and has worked there ever since, taking it over some years ago.

Frank Vari

I started going there in the 1980’s when I lived nearby. It was through Frank that I tasted many Italian things for the first time and every time I went I would buy something I’d never heard of before. He would scoop them out of enormous jars or climb on a wooden ladder and unhook a ribbon tying a bag or bundle of something from the rafters. No space was unused and all the smells of Italy wafted in and out the door….. and now it will all end as rents rise …..and instead, glitzy girls will probably sell plastic ice cream or waifs’ clothing or ipods and earphones.

"I'd just like to thank all the past and present customers and Norwood traders for their support," Mr Vari, 75, says.

"Everybody's been good to me and have made us last so long.

"Everyone from 53 years ago to now, I'd like to thank you with all my heart."

Thanks Frank. Live long and happy, with your family. We won’t forget you.

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steve said...

Hi Kate,
Thats such a shame I loved Vari's. One of the last originals on the Parade.