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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Wooden Boats Festival 2013, Hobart

This little video puts you in the right mood …..


Above - Some of the wooden boats that were rowed or sailed on the 9 day journey from Recherche Bay, at the southern tip of Tasmania, to Hobart, for the festival.

image image

Some square riggers and even a Portuguese pirate ship, lined the docks.


In all, over 500 wooden boats came to the festival from all over the world!



….including this wonderful motor boat.

I think this giant pirate came on the old, black ship….




….. with Sally!

It was fabulous to have Sally turn up quite unexpectedly, from Adelaide. We laughed an awful lot for 2 days…. and we did a wicked job on part of my garden too.


There were marquees and halls full of craftsmen and the wharves were covered in all manner of small wooden crafts for viewing or for sale, from dilapidated to immaculate. There were talks on Tasmanian timbers, talks on every aspect of wooden boat knowledge from one corner of the world or another, talks on adventures and adventurers….. and all free….. for 4 days… and the best samosas I have ever eaten!

If you intend to come to Tasmania one day, put The Wooden Boats Festival in your calendar for 2015 (every 2 years).

You can read more here.

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