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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovely raw milk farmer story in the UK.

Australia has far too many ridiculous rules….. here is a UK farmer selling raw milk from his farm and how a documentary film maker and customer decided to make a film about it all…..

raw milk article


Raymondo said...

Here's a link to it online:

Sue Bridges said...

Hi I live in the UK and love to bake and cook, I want to try out preserving and thought I would have a go at garlic, whilst searching for some easy recipes I came across your blog and have found lots of good ideas, I hope to visit again soon.

Deborah Cantrill said...

At least we can still buy raw milk direct from a local grower. you can get full cream or skim milk ($4/2litre returnable flagon)as well as the best cream!!
Simply go to the shed, open the fridge,select your milk and put the money in the box.
The farmer has reduced his herd to 20 cows, told the milk truck not to come anymore and sells all the milk to locals. you can get larger quantities for cheese making as well. We have been buying this milk for 30 years now.I think officially 'its not for human consumption.'
There are far too many stupid rules regarding food in Australia. We even had the food police ie local council people turn up 5 days after our first produce share (the info was in the local paper) wanting to put their noses in -we simply told them this was neighbors swapping over the fence and it had nothing to do with them. They were coming to the next share meeting anyway. But its on Saturdays and they don't work weekends. 3 meetings latter they haven't turned up so they may have got the message.
Now I here there are all new rules for selling eggs- lots of costs, inspections etc which is effecting small grower especially at farmers markets.
Its a pity they did not put their energy in ensuring food was wholesome,grown properly and was actually food!
I'll get off my soapbox now before I go on about plastic gloves.