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Saturday, January 26, 2013

3 common veg. garden planning mistakes….

Great video and you can get the incredible garden planner at Kitchen Gardeners International.


JOC said...

Hi Kate,

I can't see the video. Is it my software or yours I wonder?



Kate said...

Strange.... its showing up when I go to my blog. Let's see if someone else comments, Jan. You can go to YouTube and search for the title.

Serena said...

i can see it. I like how the planner tells you how many to grow!

JOC said...

Got it now - just my blogger being silly!


Sofia said...

This App looks great but it is currently only operable in UK and Northern hemisphere climes. It would be great for someone to come up with one for Us down under.

Raymondo said...

The planner looks good but I'm afraid it's too costly for me, even if it were suitable for the southern hemisphere. Pity.