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Monday, November 12, 2012

A platypus in my creek

Yes, its true but sadly no photos.

Lenny and I were in the garden when we heard a little plop as something disturbed the water in the creek near where we were gardening. He said “What was that?” and I replied “A platypus”….. why I said that I don’t know as it sounded more like something small, like a frog and who on earth ever has a platypus in their garden! We both laughed.

Then he called out from further up the creek “Hey Kate, you won’t believe it but it IS a platypus!” And sure enough, there he was, swimming happily this way and that, right next to the driveway, under the foot bridge, totally unaware we were standing only a little above him on that bridge.

Platypuses are very shy and its hard to get a good look at them like this but we stood there in silence for quite some time, watching in amazement. Then suddenly he was gone.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened since I came to Tasmania!


veggiegobbler said...

How absolutely fantastic!

Melissa said...

I took my kids to Jenolan Caves and we saw 3 platypus' swimming In the creek. It was so exciting to see them in the wild as they are so shy! Amazing experience that my kids will never forget! How lucky are you??

africanaussie said...

We have seen them in the tablelands, and mostly at dawn or dusk. He must think you have created a rather special spot there...

City Hippy Farm Girl said...

Kate I would have been jumping out of my skin with excitement seeing a platypus!