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Friday, October 19, 2012

Come and cook with me, from my garden

I cannot get anyone to come. I can’t understand why!! Have a look at what I picked for dinner last night….


…..have a closer look….











….. and then there was an optional salad, left over from lunch…..







I had lots of ideas for cooking them…. with or without added meat or fish…. with rice or home made bread….. and eggs from the new white chooks…..

So, what do I have to do to get people to come? Probably charge them more!! I see The Agrarian Kitchen charges $350!! Same thing happened with my sourdough workshops. Now it is $45 people are queuing up, but for $20 I could not find any takers.

Everyone wants to do my pastry workshop but I said no, I want you to learn to eat well, eat local….. cook and eat in my kitchen…..The only person who put their name down did not turn up on the night!!!


Deborah Cantrill said...

Kate Its the same here.For 20+ years all my workshops where pretty well full but today Plan workshop & 1or 2 turn up then the next week lots of phone calls on that weeks topic wanting free advice.
Some say they are too busy but if its important they come.There is so much info out there but....I think they don't know what they need to know or too embarrasshed to admit they don't know.

Jo said...

Congratulations on the Gardening Australia gig. So much fun!
I would come to your workshop if I was closer...

africanaussie said...

I wonder why - it looks so tasty... maybe you can combine the two workshops and make a veggie filled pie :)

Anonymous said...

On the positive side, most of us are on the same page and have been doing it for decades- Growing what we need & cooking seasonally. Plus there's a lot of ex hospitality professionals around this area too. It's why we all love living here..maybe other areas aren't quite as up to speed on organics/cookery as Cygnet!!

Darren (Green Change) said...

It's interesting, I helped start a vegetable gardening club in our area, with guest speakers etc, and we didn't charge anything. Hardly anyone came, yet everyone I talked to around the area said they were very interested and thought the club was a great idea.

Most people told me that everyone was just too busy to be able to get to meetings/talks on weekends.

Then a guy started running pay-for gardening workshops on weekends, and his were packed! I don't begrudge him at all, I think it's fantastic that someone can make a business out of it. But where were all these people when it was free?