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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Carnevale in my garden!

And so it was that the ABC Gardening Australia crew arrived on time at 9am yesterday to film a piece on seed saving with me; producer, camera man, sound man and Tino Carnevale, all exceptionally nice people, who treated my inexperience in such things with lots of smiles!


The filming started with Tino doing an introduction in my driveway…..

Then we moved into the garden, walking, talking and re-walking and re-talking now and then. That is the part I found hardest – thinking up a brilliant explanation in answer to one of Tino’s questions, then sometimes having to remember and repeat it!


It was wonderful to spend an entire day talking about what I love most, with Tino, who has the same way of thinking as me. It was like a spring board; allowing us to cover more ground than I thought possible, whilst at the same time doing the filming.

It was interesting to see the attention to detail that the producer, Albert, had. He made sure that every possible angle and shot was covered, before moving on. We had to contend with the raucous sound of hundreds or maybe thousands of frogs in the pond, 2 broody and upset geese and a chook yard full of chooks telling us they had laid eggs.














But, lets step back a few days…. when, over the weekend, 13 friends from our seedsavers group, SeedSaveUs, turned up at various times to get my garden looking its best. I cannot thank them enough!










It wasn’t all work though…. I made sure there was coffee, cake, soup and bread on hand at all times!image

Gosh, 2.5 years here and soooo much has happened.


And here is Lenny, the man behind all the photos; the kind and gentle man who has helped me through….. a special thanks to you.

Life certainly is good.

ps I will put the screening date on here when I know!


Maggie said...

Lovely to see your garden & friends. We look forward to seeing you on Gardening Australia.

africanaussie said...

Oh how exciting to get to meet them all - an now you are FAMOUS. will you know when you will be aired? Not that I ever miss an episode, but it will be such fun to see someone I "know"

Unknown said...

Nice one Kate! Looking forward to watching the episode. I watch it on iView, so will not miss it!

Gav x

Energiser Bunny said...

We'll all look forward to it Kate. And the garden does look amazing!