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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Red and Green

image Green is the changing colour of tomatoes; in particular those on a bush which came up by itself in my garden in January. I did not give it much hope of delivering a crop of ripe tomatoes, since there could be frost in March. However, to my astonishment, it has the biggest tomatoes of all and the most. I have never seen so many perfect, large tomatoes all at once on a plant. Moreover, it has produced the most ripe tomatoes this season, of all my tomato plants and I am picking several ripe ones daily from this plant. In this photo alone, there are more than 15 and with the warm weather this week, they will ripen quickly. Unlike other plants that are starting to reduce in vigour, this one is powering on, full of vitality. Needless to say, I have saved many of its seeds. I wonder how well they will produce next year.



  It is interesting the way certain colours appear in certain seasons. April in my garden is the red season.... from the red chard going to seed, to the out-of-season sweet peas, autumnal Virginia Creeper, red onions, Lady in the Snow apples to late scarlet runner bean flowers, strawberries, Bulls' Blood beetroot leaves, dahlias, bottlebrushes, nasturtiums and things called red, like red cabbages and Red Russian kale....

....and finally, 3 red capsicums. Hooray! But in my excitement, I ate 2 and forgot to photograph the third and now its dark!! I will write a note right now and do it tomorrow.

Wherever you are, enjoy the beauty in your food gardens.

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Phil (Smiling Gardener) said...

Haha, for a second I thought you had tomatoes in January in Canada (due to the .ca address)!

I actually did have lots of stuff coming up in February in Ontario, but certainly not tomatoes.