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Friday, December 16, 2011

The exciting birth of the cape gooseberry

image By the end of winter the capsule that was green, then brown, has skeletonised and the seeds inside are housed in the shrivelled yellow fruit, if it is not eaten by me!
image In spring, if the capsule is in a moist place, the seeds germinate and send down tiny roots through the threads of the capsule skin and then masses of miniscule green leaves begin to grow and fill the capsule.
image Still the capsule holds tight, until the growth of seedlings inside put such pressure on the skin.....
image that it pops open, shedding its skin forever and another generation of cape gooseberry plants are born!

Such is the joy of growing food.

Life is good.


africanaussie said...

that is an amazing story - I bought a cape gooseberry plant on clearance, not sure how it will grow here, but thought I would try them.

nellymary said...

Hi there, how timely this post is...I was just going through some old unsuccessful pots in the garden, and found that two cape gooseberry plants have decided to grow...I planted these months ago...but I guess it wasn't the right time.....I've now treated them well, and returned them to a better spot, and into a bigger pot for now. Mine are called Ground Cherries, but I think they are the same thing....My plants are still very tiny, but they both have a new berry on them already...I hope they grow up to be big and strong.