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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The berries are in.... but the geese are out!

The berries are in! Yippee!










People's gardens are overflowing with them and everyone has a smile on their face.

For a joyful, playful view of Christmas, from a bunch of happy goats..... watch this delightful video

image My 2 new geese, who I thought were safely fenced into goose heaven, were found out wandering beside the pond this morning..... and Alex and I had been so proud of our handy work.... image





image ....and then they strolled into the water as I turned the corner. Oh dear.... Deb said keep them enclosed for 2 weeks and its only been 2 days!

Well, there's plenty of grass for them to mow so maybe I will just have to let them start work. Surely they will stay near the pond, since that is where the grass is.


Merry Christmas to all bloggers.....

to those who are enjoying Christmas in sunny Australia and picnics on the beach, to those of you huddling by the fire in the northern hemisphere.

Eat, think and be merry!


garden lover said...

Merry Christmas Kate.

May 2012 bring you every thing that you really want or need!

Gavin Webber said...

Seasons Greetings Kate. Hope you had a great day.

Gav & Kim x

Søren Holt said...

Merry Christmas Kate.

Soothing to see some gardening when everything is dark and cold, the garden and gardener resting and waiting for a far away spring up here.

Deb said...

Hi Kate
Seasonal Greetings.In case you did not notice the geese can walk throgh sheep wire ,which is what your fence looks like.As long as they are not wandering the neighbourhood at least you don't have to worry about foxs. when put near a pond they can become lazy, grazing only around the pond until it looks like a bowling green. If you want them to graze other areas have a portable water system (buckets can get knocked over.Get one of those large rectangle black containers 20litre or more, fit it with a ball valve and hose fitting. then you can conect it up to the hose when and where you need it.
Just make sure they have a home and give them a small amount of grain in their home each day so to keep them tame and able to be handled if necessary.
Most of all enjoy their company in your garden and fence off areas you don't want them in- saves tears when they eat your best plants!
HAPPY NEW YEAR may 2012 be a bountiful harvest and a slow year

farmer_liz said...

wow those berries look delicious! Good luck with the geese, I'm yet to conquer my fear of them after being bitten by one as a child!