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Monday, September 12, 2011

The stories are in...

Word got out about World Kitchen Garden Day on August 28th.... Now various groups have posted their stories and pictures everywhere from Kitchen Gardeners International website, to Facebook and Google+. If you have not seen any of them, here are some snippets and links for you....

  1. KGI's partner in Kenya, the Organic Agriculture Centre of Kenya, brought together 70 people on World Kitchen Garden Day to learn about growing their own healthy food. Here are a few pics from their gathering.

2. And in Pakistan...

Pakistan Celebrates World Kitchen Garden Day

3. And in Mumbai....Braving the flooded streets, erratic schedule of local trains and uncertainty our volunteers reached the venue in time; their faces shining happily with the joy of showing off and sharing their prized harvests! ....Read more and watch some wonderful videos on Urban Leaves.

The highlight of the occasion were the talk and demos by ‘Anju Venkat’, a nutritionist at the Health Awareness Centre for the last 16 years. Drawing an apt and convincing analogy between ‘Amrut mitti’ and food, she explained that health is the result of healthful living or living according to the laws of nature. She spoke about the importance of consumption of organic food and ways of cooking that would preserve its nutritive value, bring out its flavours and colours to the maximum and provide optimum nourishment. This was followed by a cookery demo conducted by her, utilizing the plant yield contributed by the volunteers.

And in Bangalore, Udaipur and Bhubaneshwar.... all in India

I would love to hear of other celebrations, especially in Australia. Surely Maggie and I are not the only Australians to have organised something this year!

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I reckon we are the only ones!