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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Daily Dump

While most of us in Australia only have options of plastic for our compost makers and worm farms, in Bangalore, India, they are made from terracotta, in many shapes, sizes and colours so they look nice as well as being functional..... check out the Daily Dump website for lots of great ideas.




I found this link on a blog of someone who attended a get-together in Bangalore for World Kitchen Garden Day. The blog is called Organic Conversations and incorporates the Bangalore Terrace Gardeners group.


Paulette Whitney, Provenance Growers said...

These are so beautiful Kate. And they would have to make better compost than plastic. Thanks for sharing!

Preeti Patil said...

oh yes Kate, Poonam, and Vinita who is a friend is doing marvelous work in Bangalore. And earthen pots are very good, convenient and good to look at. I even suggested keeping them in the living room, to prove to those who keep doubting that composting will give rise to smell and insects!