Friday, June 17, 2011

...and the winner is....a superbly ripe cape gooseberry

Which cape? Cape Town, South Africa.


.....full, rich, fruity, sweet, aromatic and quite elusive. (Sitting on top of a plate of oca, from previous blog post)

image Frost hardy, prolific bearers, incredibly easy to propagate from seed.... just place the whole, ripe fruit on a pot of soil and watch the seeds germinate inside the capsule! image



If anyone has the cape gooseberry with the orange capsule, please let me know.


africanaussie said...

Oh I miss gooseberries, having grown up with them in South Africa. I tried to grow them here, but they just didn't thrive. I guess some things have to stay in our memories. From your gorgeous photos I could just about taste them though! they made wonderful jam if you have too many.

Emma said...

They have self-seeded in my garden, but I have never looked closely enough to see them grow within the capsule! How cool, I will have to keep an eye out :)

Kirsty said...

so delicous and the pods are beautiful, a nasty striped beetle gave ours a lot of curry this year but we still had quite a few to munch on. The plant is bouncing back to life now, in the middle of winter - seems strange. I'll have to watch the ground where a few fell from the bush - hope to grow more.